Three Red Flags To Watch for at Open Houses

Open houses are a good opportunity to get see what homes are currently on the market and there is one out there which will work for you. They can also be a good opportunity to find out some things about the house you’re looking at that might not be listed on the website and may be less than flattering. If you’re wondering what red flags to watch out for, pay attention to the following things the next time you’re at a showing.

1. Strong Odors

Many home sellers try to engage the senses to entice buyers, whether it’s by baking cookies or lighting a candle. Beware, a abundance of air freshener or scent can also be a means of hiding less than pleasant smells odors. While it isn’t always the case, you should make a mental note of it if the home ends up being one you are seriously interested in. You’ll want to thoroughly inspect for mold and mildew, or improper sewer ventilation.

2. An Abundance Of Fix-Up

A small maintenance issue here and there may not be important, whether it’s a doorknob that doesn’t open house red flags

catch or peeling paint on the wall. However, an abundance of small issues can signal an issue with general maintenance which shouldn’t be ignored. While it may just be a few details that were forgotten about, if many minor maintenance issues are visible, there may be more important maintenance issues that are not being taken care.

3. Issues With the Foundation

open house red flagsThere are many issues that will hopefully come to the forefront at the home inspection, but it’s not worth it to get invested in a home only to back out due to a failing foundation. Be proactive! Check for large gaps in the home’s foundation to unveil any issues on this front. The foundation can be a huge issue if it requires a fix-up, and it’s one you probably won’t want to deal with in your new home.

Open houses can provide a great sense of what it’s like to live in a home, but they can also be a good opportunity to take note of any issues with a future home. If you’re currently preparing to buy a home, you may want to contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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