Scorching Hot Housing Market? 3 Reasons You’ll Want To Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

If you’re a homeowner selling in today‚Äôs real estate market, pinching every penny is likely important to you. This might mean you’re considering opting out of hiring a real estate agent and going with the DIY approach. However, there are many things an agent can do for you, particularly in a hot market, that make them worth the money. Here are just 3 reasons to hire a real estate agent.

1. Understanding The Neighborhood

It’s possible that you know your neighborhood quite well and are aware of the selling prices of many homes in the area. However, an experienced agent will have a good grasp on the history of your neighborhood and has probably sold a house in your area before. Not to mention, they have information like comparable home sales reports, school data, and crime rate data right at their fingertips. These factors all play a role in how you should price your home. While research is great, prior knowledge can give them a leg up as well. I have never met an agent who didn’t remember every single home they listed, and many of the homes they have toured. Having walked through COUNTLESS homes gives them insight everyday homeowners just don’t have. Instead of having to guess at what your home might be valued at, a real estate agent has the knowledge to make a sound judgment.

2. Marketing Know-How

Any real estate agent with longevity in the industry has dealt with the ups and downs of the market, andmarketing a listing this generally means that they’ve learned how to succeed even when the chips are down. When it comes to marketing, any real estate agent worth their salt will have the contacts and the savvy to determine the best approach for selling your home. This SHOULD entail more than slapping your listing on MLS and waiting around. Whether it involves paid ads, posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, an online website or an Open House, an agent will know how to appeal to your ideal buyer and garner you the best offer around.

3. Closing The Deal

closing a dealWith so much money involved it’s more than a little helpful to have a real estate agent around who understands the negotiating process and how to close the deal. This may seem straightforward- and, sometimes it is. More frequently, however, it requires strong negotiating skills, knowledge of the local market, and rapport with other industry professionals. Additionally, the closing process unfortunately requires a lot of paperwork. It’s a multi-step process which can become overwhelming very quickly. Mistakes in in the closing process could end up costing you time and money. Real estate agents have processes in place to ensure every moves forward seamlessly so you don’t have to worry.

It may be tempting to go it alone when it comes to selling your house, but the right agent can be instrumental in marketing your home and getting you the price you’re asking for. If you’re currently getting prepared to put your home up for sale, you may want to contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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