Bozeman’s Park and Trail Experience!

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Bozeman, Montana’s Park and Trail Experience!

bozeman trails

Photo | Gallatin Valley Land Trust


Did you know there are more than 80 miles of trails through and around Bozeman?  Some connect neighborhoods, some connect downtown to the mountains, some are just mountain trails, but all offer recreation in the form of hiking, biking, cross country skiing, or just walking the dog. Some of these are paved, some of them are graveled, and some are a mix of both. It doesn’t end there. Gallatin Valley Land and Trust is always working on trail improvements and creating new trails.

Click Here for a Trail Map!

photo | Matt Lavin, flickr


We also have over 40 public parks! Some of the city parks include the swimming pool at Bogert Park, several pavilions that are rentable, sledding hills on Petes’ Hill and in the 100 acre park, and lakes for fishing and swimming.

Click here and choose your park of choice!

Our city planners have been very careful to help preserve our beautiful town with parks and trails, come out and enjoy them!

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