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Enhancing Customer Service is a Black and White Decision!


Business cards get a makeover-and a high tech one at that! The Quick Response matrix barcode is readable through the use smart phones, laptops, and webcams. Encoded within the graphic display is text, a URL, or other pertinent data.

At Bozeman Montana Real, our office environment is the embodiment of what a digital, fast-paced, flux, and flowing life is. Each of our agents and managers communicate via phone, email, texting, sticky notes, and face-to-face as frequently as thoughts come into our heads while we organize a campaign to optimally serve our clients. Together we can list or be the scouts in your search for a perfect new home. Bozeman Montana Real holds itself to the highest standard of being cutting edge.  Our office’s interactive nature with all prospects, clients, and successes is a testament to that.  When you call our office you get not just one agent, but a team on your side.

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