5 Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’re probably also wondering what you can do to increase your home’s value. After all, who doesn’t want to the most value from their home? You’re in luck. We wrote this article just for you. Here are 5 tips for increasing your home’s value.



1. Landscaping

According to the national Association of REALTORS®,  landscape upgrades renders around 100% in cost recovery making it a sound investment. When home valuationit comes to landscaping, the sky is the limit in terms of spending. It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune. A little beautification in your yard will go a long way toward curb appeal. Stick with locally native plants, keeping the overall appearance clean and conservative to appeal to the largest audience possible. Create clean lines using some type of edging, like plastic or resin edging, brick, or paving stones. Don’t forget your grass. Do you have dead or browning spots? Check with your local landscaping company or nursery to see how best to treat those spots, depending on what type of grass you have. Here are a few other tips we like: 20 Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

2. Clean It Up

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Do you have 10 year old vinyl siding? How many times, since installation, have you cleaned it? Give it a good scrub by using a long-handled brush with a little soapy water. Rinse with your water hose. You’ll probably be surprised at how much dirt comes off. Here’s some great information on cleaning all types of siding: How to Clean and Care for Your Home’s Siding For other exterior types, like brick or stucco, the use of a power washer may be needed. Painted siding may not need to be completely repainted, but a little touch up here and there might be in order.

The same applies to windows, screens, sidewalks, and driveways. Windows should be cleaned inside and out. Take screens off and hose them off. Use a high pressure hose or a power washer to take care of dirt and grime on sidewalks and driveways. How do your gutters look? Do you have an army of baby trees growing up there? Get the latter out and clean all of the leaves and debris from your gutters. A little elbow grease can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.


3. Flooring

If you have carpeting in your home, take a good hard look at it. Sometimes the grime in high traffic areas goes unnoticed when we are living with it day tohome valuation day. Rest assured, potential home buyers won’t miss it. If spots here and there are your only problem, having your carpets professionally cleaned may be all that’s required. If your carpet is worn and stained, consider replacing it. Before you do, pull up a small corner in an inconspicuous place to see if your home is hiding hardwood floors! Particularly in older homes, you may be lucky enough to discover that all you need to do is pull up the carpet and polish up the existing hard woods. Not the case? There are tons reasonably priced flooring options these days. If you can swing it, replacing tattered flooring is a no-brainer for adding more value to your home.

4. Kitchen Updates

It’s commonly known that kitchens are the most expensive room in the home to update. But, done within reason, you will almost always see a return home valuationon that money when you sell your home.  If your kitchen cabinets are stylish, maybe all they need is a good cleaning. If the style is a little dated and you don’t want the expense of replacing them, consider a coat of paint and new hardware to freshen them up. Similarly, if your back-splash is still considered stylish, just give it a good cleaning. If not, consider a timeless style such as subway tile or natural stone. Lastly… counter-tops. These days, everyone wants solid surface natural stone. It can come with a hefty price tag, though. If it’s simply out of your price range, consider one of the stone look options. There are lots of laminate options out there that can give your kitchen an updated appeal without breaking the bank. Check it out here: Laminate Counters That Look Like Stone The most important thing to remember when updating your kitchen is to keep it within the same style as the rest of the home.


5. Clean It Up… Again

Once again, a little elbow grease goes a long way. Even if a home is dated, if it has been well-maintained and is clean as a pin, potential home buyers will be home valuationwilling to spend a little more on it. It costs next to nothing to deep clean your home. Best case scenario, you clean it from top to bottom – attic to basement. Every rafter, floor joist, nook, and cranny. Wipe down walls and ceilings, touch up paint, clean or replace switch plates, wipe down baseboards, windows, and window tracks.  Your goal is to have every space in your home look, feel, and smell sparkly clean. Here’s an article outlining some deep cleaning tips we like: 20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring

Also check out: Your ultimate summer cleaning & maintenance checklist for more information on keeping your house in tip top shape.

Ask a Realtor

One of the simplest ways to determine what you can (and should) do to increase your home’s value is ask a real estate agent to walk through your home with you. An experienced realtor can provide a home evaluation in addition to a local real estate market analysis, which will give you insight into what comparable homes in your market are selling for.

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